Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

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Skin Cancer Surgery in Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

As one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers, skin cancer treatment can be effective when performed early on. Board-certified otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, can diagnose and treat skin cancer at his clinics in the Central New Jersey area, serving the communities of Monroe and Plainsboro.

What is Skin Cancer Surgery?

Skin cancer surgery is performed to remove cancerous cells from the inner layer of skin, preventing their spread. Surgery is one of the many components which may be part of a patient’s skin cancer treatment. Signs that may indicate skin cancer include irregular moles, sores that don’t heal, and areas of skin that are raised and may be firm, crusty, and scaly.

Benefits of Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer surgery can be highly successful when performed in the early stages of one’s diagnosis. The surgery is typically an outpatient procedure, requiring minimal recovery time. Surgery is beneficial in helping patients stop the spread of skin cancer before it affects other areas of the body.

How is Skin Cancer Surgery Performed?

While the procedure varies slightly from patient to patient, the basics are similar. A local anesthesia is used to numb the affected area. The cancerous tumor is excised and examined to ensure no cancerous cells have been left behind. The surgical site will be sutured.

Preparing For Skin Cancer Surgery

If you take medications that thin the blood, you should stop taking them before surgery. We recommend that patients stop smoking prior to the procedure because it can impair the healing process. Before surgery, please protect the affected area from sunlight and chemical exposure.

Skin Cancer Surgery Recovery

After your surgery, you’ll receive instruction on how to care for the wound. You will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Kay to check your progress and discuss any further treatment needs.

How Much Does Skin Cancer Surgery Cost?

Because this procedure is unique to each patient, the cost can vary. Skin cancer treatment is typically covered by insurance plans, but the details of your plan will outline how much you’ll be responsible for. We accept CareCredit® financing to help you with your expenses. For questions about insurance coverage or financing, please contact us.

Is Skin Cancer Surgery Right For Me?

If you have unusual moles or lesions, or have been recently diagnosed with skin cancer, skin cancer surgery may be a viable treatment option. Surgery is very effective when performed early, so please do not hesitate in seeking treatment.

Why Choose Princeton Otolaryngology Associates: Dr. Scott L. Kay For Skin Cancer Surgery?

Dr. Kay recognizes that the period of time after your skin cancer diagnosis is full of questions and even fear. It is his goal to help put your mind at ease and put your health first by offering tested surgical solutions to eliminate cancerous cells.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Skin Cancer Surgery

During your consultation, the affected area will be closely examined. Dr. Kay may take measurements and photos to help him best plan your treatment. A biopsy may also be necessary before surgery, where a minor amount of tissue is removed and sent for testing.

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