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  • Anne Karetnikov
    Anne Karetnikov
    14:19 05 Oct 17
    Because of Dr. Kay I have a new chance at life after almost 4 years of utter misery and a lifetime of unexplained issues. I had a tricky condition, and he was patient and tireless in trying to help me. After having many doctors shrug and not understand or misdiagnose me, Dr. Kay not only believed me- he took action to actually solve my problems. He is a superb Doctor and I have to thank him for my future. Go here- everyone in the office is kind and remembers you and if by chance surgery is needed, you cannot ask for someone more skilled or more dedicated to your recovery than Dr. Kay.
    Latha K
    Latha K
    16:33 12 Jun 17
    First off the staff were extremely friendly and respectful. The nurse was very understanding and very informative as well. Dr. Kay, himdels, was very approachable and did not mind in the least when I rattled off many symptoms which were not even related to ENT. He was very patient and easy to talk to. I would recommend the facility to anyone. Kudos Team Kay!!!
    Steven Baum
    Steven Baum
    15:12 25 Apr 17
    I have known Dr. Scott Kay since he arrived in Princeton those many years ago. He is personable, engaginging, very knowledgeable, but most important, very thorough. His staff reflects him to a tee. Dr. Steven M. Baum, DDS
    Greg Long
    Greg Long
    14:02 12 Sep 16
    Had a great experience with Dr. Kay and his staff. After diagnosis, he was extremely helpful in explaining the various options, setting expectations, and discussing possible risks. Office staff was efficient and very clear with all logistics and coordinating billing with the surgical facility. Would definitely return and recommend him highly.
    Nancy Paquette
    Nancy Paquette
    23:07 27 Oct 16
    Dr. Kay and his staff are knowledgeable, caring and efficient. I am so grateful that they solved my problem. I highly recommend their medical treatment!
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  • I liked that I was being treated by very talented professionals that cared about me and my situation.

    J.V. Princeton, NJ

    Karen Herring and Rajool Dave have been so wonderful to me. My experience with my hearing aids have been excellent.

    D.D. Monroe Township, NJ

    Everyone is so nice and patient. Jenny at the front desk is a doll.

    S.M. Township, NJ

    Dr. Kay is a “top-notch” physician. He cured my condition after two other physicians couldn’t help me. He also makes me laugh, he is so funny!

    S.L. Cherry Hill, NJ

    Rajool is patient, generous, altruistic and lovely. Thank you very much for everything.

    I.G. Monroe Township, NJ

    These new hearing aids are 110% better than my old aids.

    G.J. Pennington, NJ

    Karen Herring is a pleasure to work with and she also makes the experience fun!

    J.M. Colonia, NJ

    My appointment went very well. Dr. Kay is very kind. He explains exactly what he is doing to do. He tells you exactly what he finds and finds an agreeable outcome for you. I was extremely happy with my visit.

    A.R. Hightstown, NJ

    Everyone was very nice and compassionate there. Thank you for making it a good experience.

    D.O. Freehold, NJ

    The staff was very helpful and pleasant. There was virtually no wait time, and Dr. Kay was very helpful. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

    M.D. Kendall Park, NJ

    Everyone was kind and very thorough regarding my upcoming procedure.

    V.C. Lawrence Township, NJ

    Everyone was very nice and great! Thank you!

    J.P. Trenton, NJ

    Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Thank You.

    M.P. Princeton, NJ

    Dr Scott Kay is very kind.

    R.R. East Windsor, NJ

    A very helpful visit/consultation. I was impressed with the professionalism of every one I met — and with the efficiency of the staff.

    J.K. Princeton, NJ

    Hearing was something I always took for granted, as most people do. As I aged, my hearing got worse and worse and eventually I needed something to help. That lasted a few years and then I became lazy and stopped using the aid. Just recently, with my hearing worse than ever and tired of asking “WHAT” of everyone, I made the decision to follow my primary physicianʼs advice and made an appointment with Dr. Scott Kay. It was the best move I have made in years! Dr. Kay and his staff have treated me with great professionalism and respect. After examining me and listening to my medical complaints, Dr. Kay ordered necessary tests which proved that I did not have any serious problems. He turned me over to his audiology staff.

    Dr. Rajool Dave talked me through the test results and suggested a variety of hearing aides that would help with my problem. All my questions were answered and I was fitted with two very small, almost invisible hearing aids.

    I can hear the birds, I can hear dogs barking, I can hear the wind through the trees, and, most importantly, I donʼt have to ask most people, “WHAT” anymore. It is easy to put my aids in my ears and I have individual control of them which makes hearing much better since one ear is worse than the other.

    Realistically, there will always be some things I will not hear. The little implements I put in my ear are a “hearing aid” and not a cure. However, it is a most wonderful thing to be able to not be isolated by muted sounds or no sound at all.

    My very sincere thanks to Dr. Kay, Dr. Dave and the staff at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates for giving me back my tie to the world.

    J.B. Princeton, NJ

    I am now 72 years old. I have been seeing Dr. Kay regarding my ears and hearing for quite a long time. I have found him to be an effective, sympathetic, forward-looking, and extremely competent doctor. At first, the task was simply to periodically clean the wax out of my ears. Then, when he felt the time was right, he suggested I take a hearing test. I did that and it produced a baseline that was useful later. Each year I had the same test, and then reviewed the results with Dr. Kay. For awhile the results were steady year-to-year however in recent years we began to see some decline.

    I dreaded the idea of needing hearing aids. In retrospect, this was partially because it was a surrender to the inevitable transition to getting older. I was concerned that it would signal to others that I was getting older, and was possibly not as competent as before. Dr. Kay understood my feelings and never pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone on the topic. Finally, I reached the point where it was time to get the hearing aids. He recommended the ReSound product.

    I have been very happy with ReSound hearing aids. My hearing has improved by using them. The care and maintenance is not an unreasonable burden and they are inconspicuous. No one has ever said anything that would indicate they even noticed them, although some
    people my own age are inclined to compare them with their own choices. I came out thinking that hearing aids are unfairly stigmatized in the minds of many people. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Hopefully others will take advantage of what I have learned.

    M.S. Princeton NJ

    I have had hearing issues my whole life, and have been to countless doctors. No one did anything except say there was nothing we could do. Until I was sent to Dr. Rajool Dave, she changed my life! At first I thought well here we go again, but not this time. Rajool thought that I would be a good candidate for a hearing aid. I was excited to finally try something other than nothing. The first time she turned it on it was magical. She did not just stop here. We tried many varieties of aids and different settings to make sure it was right. Rajool had flexible hours and saw me weekly to check my progress. The experience has been fabulous. Thanks to Rajool I can hear!

    T.L.S- Plainsboro, NJ

    My audiologist had the expertize and commitment to fitting for my hearing aids. I am very well satisfied with my hearing now.

    S.S.- Princeton, NJ

    I have been struggling with hearing loss in the left ear for the past 10 to 15 years, due to nerve damage. I thought that I would never hear properly again and would just have to suffer with this the rest of my life. My life changed around completely when my neighbor told me about Dr. Scott Kay. Dr Kay told me that I could get back up to 85% of my hearing in the left ear with a hearing aid. His wonderful audiologist, Dr. Rajool Dave, fitted me for an Oticon hearing aid, right before thanksgiving. I cried when she put the hearing aid in. For the first time in years I could hear in stereo! Anyone who is considering a hearing aid please do it! You really need to hear what you are missing. I adjusted very quickly to my new “personal communication assistant” to the point that I forget that I am wearing it. It is easy to clean and battery changes are a snap. No one even knows that I’m wearing a hearing aid unless I tell them. Not that it matters. Another “bonus” of having the hearing aids is that I do not notice the tinnitus when I am wearing them. Now if I could only wear them to bed…… I cannot thank Dr. Kay, Dr Dave, and their wonderful staff enough.

    D.G. Lawrenceville, NJ

    My wife Pat and I want to commend Princeton Otolaryngology Associates, Dr. Rajool Dave, and her audiology staff for the excellent care she has provided us. It has made a real difference in our lives. Besides being highly professional and effective, Dr. Dave is caring and dedicated to the well being of her patients. It is always a pleasure to be with her.

    R.L. Skillman, NJ

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