Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

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Cyst and Mass Removal in Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

Untreated cysts or masses can be painful, as well as cause aesthetic concerns. Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay performs cyst and mass removal of the head and neck for patients in Monroe, Plainsboro and throughout the Central New Jersey area at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates.

What is Cyst and Mass Removal?

Fluid-filled cysts and the surrounding inflamed tissue is removed to alleviate discomfort and prevent reoccurrence. Cysts and masses can appear all over the body, including on the face. Through cyst and mass removal of the head and neck, Dr. Kay can remove the tissue to improve comfort and reduce the chances of scarring.

Benefits of Cyst and Mass Removal of the Head and Neck

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Cyst and mass removal of the head and neck offers many benefits. Perhaps the most important to patients is pain relief, as they can be highly uncomfortable no matter where on the body they are located. Additional benefits include:

  • Minimized scarring
  • Low risk of infection
  • Minimally invasive

How is Cyst and Mass Removal Performed?

This procedure is performed under a local anesthetic. The affected area will be numbed so you won’t feel a thing. If required, the cyst or mass is drained before removing it. The cyst is opened, and pressure is applied to drain it, which often can remove the entire cyst. Any remnants of the mass or cyst are scraped out to prevent it from reoccurring. The area is packed with gauze and covered. The wound is cauterized, and stitches are placed if necessary.

Preparing For Cyst and Mass Removal

Prior to cyst and mass removal of the head and neck, you should keep the area clean to prevent infection. Also, avoid activities that could force bacteria to enter the cyst or mass, which could complicate removal.

Recovery for Cyst and Mass Removal

You’ll receive instruction regarding how frequently you’ll need to change the dressing and repack the wound, which is usually at least two times per day for approximately a week. You may also be prescribed an antibiotic, which should be taken as directed.

How Much Does Cyst and Mass Removal Cost?

Removal of cysts and masses may be covered by insurance plans. If not, we offer CareCredit® financing to help cover the cost. For questions about determining insurance coverage or financing, please contact us.

Is Cyst and Mass Removal Right For Me?

If you experience reoccurring cysts or masses, this procedure can prevent a reoccurrence. If you experience cysts on the face which are painful or embarrassing, this treatment is a viable option for you.

Why Choose Princeton Otolaryngology Associates: Dr. Scott L. Kay For Cyst and Mass Removal?

Dr. Scott Kay is skilled in removing painful cysts and masses while reducing scarring for his patients. Having completed a fellowship in Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Pittsburg’s Shadyside Hospital, he uses techniques that allow for precise removal of inflamed tissue, facilitating a quick recovery.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Cyst and Mass Removal of the Head and Neck

When you come in for consultation, Dr. Kay will examine your cyst or mass to determine if you are a strong candidate for removal. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your concerns with the doctor at this time.

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