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Plainsboro and Monroe, NJ

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Facial Nerve Disorders

The facial nerve is one of the longest, most complex nerves in the human body. Any disorder of the facial nerve requires prompt attention. Patients in and around the Central New Jersey area, including Monroe and Plainsboro, can obtain medical advice and consultation by visiting board-certified otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS.

What are Facial Nerve Disorders?

The facial nerve extends from the brainstem and contains approximately 10,000 individual nerve fibers. It has many branches that wind through the ears, salivary gland, eyes, and tongue. It is responsible for facial expressions such as mouth and eye movement, in addition to salivation and taste. When any part of this long, cable-like nerve is inflamed or damaged, paralysis, twitching, numbness or tingling of any part of the face can occur.

What Causes Facial Nerve Disorders?

Facial nerve disorders can happen whenever there is trauma to the face that affects this nerve. They may also occur due to inflammation, tumors or diseases such as Bell’s palsy, which is believed to result from a virus.

Benefits of Facial Nerve Disorder Treatment

Several functions can be disturbed whenever there is a disorder of the facial nerve, including eye function, hearing, taste, and salivation. It may also become difficult to eat, chew or speak. Treating the cause of your disorder can relieve discomfort and allow you to function more normally.

How are Facial Nerve Disorders Treated?

Woman holding the bridge of her nose because she has a deviated septum and is experiencing sinus pain.

There are multiple ways to treat facial nerve disorders, based on what is causing them. A few options may be:

  • Using antibiotics to fight infection
  • Prescribing steroids to help eliminate inflammation
  • Surgery to correct trauma

Additional treatments could be needed to correct deficiencies caused by a facial nerve disorder. These additional treatments can include:

  • Hearing aids
  • Use of artificial tears
  • Rehabilitation to help patients regain the use of certain facial muscles

Preparing for Facial Nerve Disorder Treatment

Prior to your treatment, Dr. Kay will provide you with instructions on how to prepare. These instructions will vary based on the cause of your disorder, and the procedure(s) needed to make you well.

Facial Nerve Disorder Treatment Recovery

The recovery is different for each procedure, including those used to correct damage. You will be provided with recovery instructions for each specific procedure at the time it is scheduled.

How Much Does Facial Nerve Disorder Treatment Cost?

There may be costs associated with treating the facial nerve disorder, as well as additional expenses for rehabilitation, hearing aids or medication. Health insurance covers the majority of these expenses. For your convenience, we also accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards. CareCredit® financing is also available to help you pay any remaining balance your insurance does not cover.

Is Facial Nerve Disorder Treatment Right for Me?

Twitching, paralysis or a similar facial disorder indicates a more serious health problem that should be addressed. Please do not delay seeking medical attention.

Why Choose Princeton Otolaryngology Associates: Dr. Scott L. Kay for Facial Nerve Disorder Treatment?

Dr. Kay’s numerous fellowships and lectures in the otolaryngology specialty has led to him becoming widely acclaimed among his peers. You can take comfort in knowing your treatment is being handled by one of the leading board certified ear, nose and throat doctors in the area.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Facial Nerve Disorders

The primary focus of your consultation will be on finding the cause of your disorder. To do this, Dr. Kay will perform a careful examination of your eyes, ears, nose, and throat. He will also review your health history and current medications. Based on his findings, he will likely recommend other tests or x-rays be performed as well.

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