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Hearing Aids in Monroe Township, NJ

Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, provides hearing aids to the residents of Monroe Township, NJ.

Patients who are suffering from hearing loss in any manner should determine whether or not it is time for an in-depth hearing test and find out how hearing aids work. The majority of these patients start to notice that low-volume conversations are difficult to understand, or that they are constantly turning up the volume on the radio or television. Others are always asking people to talk louder or have difficulty keeping up with group conversation.

When you suffer from any of these issues, it is time to schedule an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing test. He or she will ask you about your medical history and perform a series of tests to discover how severe your hearing loss is in your ears. If it is discovered that you have some degree of hearing loss and that medical treatment can help, the audiologist will schedule another appointment with you.

The Selection Process for a Hearing Aid and Follow-Ups

Which model of hearing aid that is best for your needs depends on your lifestyle, how severe your hearing loss is and your personal preferences. Patients who live an active lifestyle may require specific sizes and styles of hearing aids. Almost any level of hearing loss will be at least partially alleviated through the use of hearing aids. Other factors to take into consideration when selecting a hearing aid include, how easy it is to control and the battery life.

When your hearing aid is ready, the audiologist ensures the device fits properly. In addition, the audiologist explains how you maintain and operate the device. You will return for a follow-up visit in about two weeks in case any adjustments are necessary. After this, you will need to schedule appointments at six-month intervals, unless you have concerns or questions in between times.

There is no reason to suffer from hearing loss when hearing aids are readily available today. If you’re a resident of Monroe Township, NJ, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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