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Hearing Aids in East Windsor, NJ

Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, provides hearing aids for the residents of East Windsor, NJ.

People who notice that there is a change in the sounds they hear may need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. There are several signs that may indicate there is a loss of hearing. The most common include the need to increase the volume of radios, TVs, and other electronic devices.

It may become increasingly difficult to hear others speak. Some individuals may catch themselves frequently asking others to repeat part or all of a conversation. They may not be able to understand words spoken at a lower volume or hear an isolated conversation in a crowded room.

An audiologist will take a patient’s medical history and perform a hearing exam. The specialist will perform some follow-up tests that will help determine the amount of hearing loss in both ears. The audiologist will determine if a hearing aid is necessary. In most cases, people with hearing loss will benefit from the use of hearing aids.

Selecting a Hearing Aid

The audiologist will help people decide which hearing aid will suit them best. Considerations include the amount of hearing loss, lifestyle, ease of device, battery life, and personal choice. Once patients decide what they want, the device is ordered, and an appointment is scheduled for when it arrives.

At the appointment, the specialist will check the hearing aid for an accurate fit. People receive training and education on how to use their hearing aid correctly. The visit will include teaching them the appropriate way to care for the device on a routine basis.

In approximately two weeks, patients return for a follow-up appointment. The audiologist will recheck the hearing aid and make any small modifications that will benefit the individual. Patients need to continue with routine six-month visits. If any problems or questions arise, an appointment should be scheduled sooner.

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