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Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, treats tinnitus for the residents of Montgomery, NJ.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is when you hear a ringing in your ears. Contrary to popular belief, tinnitus itself is not a medical condition. Rather, it follows from another disorder, such as an injury to the ears or hearing loss.

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus may have different causes. If the sound of ringing comes with throbbing, then that indicates that there is a problem with either the arteries or veins inside the ear. Multiple sclerosis is an example of a neurological disease that opens and closes the Eustachian tube repeatedly. You hear this action as a ringing or clicking noise. The following are some other causes:

  • Aging
  • Drug toxicity
  • Injury
  • Loud noises, particularly with constant exposure
  • Abnormal bone growth in the middle ear known as otosclerosis
  • Meniere’s disease, which affects how fluid flows inside the middle ear
  • Tumor

Tinnitus Treatment Benefits

Tinnitus can affect how you live your life because it makes it harder to hear other sounds. The constant noise may make it difficult to sleep and may make you feel depressed. Eliminating or minimizing tinnitus can return life back to normal again.

Types of Tinnitus Treatment

The following are some of the common ways of dealing with tinnitus:

  • Changes in the use or type of medication
  • Removing too much earwax
  • Use of a hearing aid
  • Wearing something that can mask the ringing sound
  • Surgical removal of tumors

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