I am now 72 years old. I have been seeing Dr. Kay regarding my ears and hearing for quite a long time. I have found him to be an effective, sympathetic, forward-looking, and extremely competent doctor. At first, the task was simply to periodically clean the wax out of my ears. Then, when he felt the time was right, he suggested I take a hearing test. I did that and it produced a baseline that was useful later. Each year I had the same test, and then reviewed the results with Dr. Kay. For awhile the results were steady year-to-year however in recent years we began to see some decline.

I dreaded the idea of needing hearing aids. In retrospect, this was partially because it was a surrender to the inevitable transition to getting older. I was concerned that it would signal to others that I was getting older, and was possibly not as competent as before. Dr. Kay understood my feelings and never pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone on the topic. Finally, I reached the point where it was time to get the hearing aids. He recommended the ReSound product.

I have been very happy with ReSound hearing aids. My hearing has improved by using them. The care and maintenance is not an unreasonable burden and they are inconspicuous. No one has ever said anything that would indicate they even noticed them, although some
people my own age are inclined to compare them with their own choices. I came out thinking that hearing aids are unfairly stigmatized in the minds of many people. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Hopefully others will take advantage of what I have learned.

M.S. Princeton NJ

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