I have been struggling with hearing loss in the left ear for the past 10 to 15 years, due to nerve damage. I thought that I would never hear properly again and would just have to suffer with this the rest of my life. My life changed around completely when my neighbor told me about Dr. Scott Kay. Dr Kay told me that I could get back up to 85% of my hearing in the left ear with a hearing aid. His wonderful audiologist, Dr. Rajool Dave, fitted me for an Oticon hearing aid, right before thanksgiving. I cried when she put the hearing aid in. For the first time in years I could hear in stereo! Anyone who is considering a hearing aid please do it! You really need to hear what you are missing. I adjusted very quickly to my new “personal communication assistant” to the point that I forget that I am wearing it. It is easy to clean and battery changes are a snap. No one even knows that I’m wearing a hearing aid unless I tell them. Not that it matters. Another “bonus” of having the hearing aids is that I do not notice the tinnitus when I am wearing them. Now if I could only wear them to bed…… I cannot thank Dr. Kay, Dr Dave, and their wonderful staff enough.

D.G. -Lawrenceville, NJ.

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