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Located in the Central New Jersey area, and serving the communities of Princeton, Monroe, Plainsboro and other nearby cities, Princeton Otolaryngology Associates specializes in audiology. If you live in New Jersey and have a hearing disorder, our audiologists, Karen K. Herring, M.S., FAAA and Dr. Rajool Dave, Au. D, FAAA, will carefully examine your hearing issue, find its cause and determine if a ReSound hearing aid would be the best treatment for you.

Resound in Plainsboro, NJWhat makes ReSound the best option in hearing instruments?

ReSound creates their products with the customers in mind. With over 70 years of experience, ReSound has studied and proven the best way to assist their customers with the little things. Small whistling sounds, aids that are too quiet or simply an uncomfortable fit, are all issues that are important to ReSound because they are important to the individuals who wear them.

What distinguishes ReSound from other products?

Even though ReSound offers some of the smallest hearing aids ever made, they are big when it comes to technology. ReSound uses the highest quality technology to create their advanced products. The hearing aids offer a vibrant surround sound experience and exceptional speech understanding by reflecting the ear’s natural performance. ReSound combines things such as a wireless volume remote, pitch control, wind guards, expansion technology and so much more to make the very best in hearing aid technology.

What are the Different Kinds of ReSound Hearing Aids?

  • ReSound LiNX
  • ReSound Verso
  • ReSound ENZO
  • ReSound LiNX TS
  • ReSound Alera
  • ReSound Magna
  • ReSound Vea

Why are ReSound’s hearing products so successful?

With a rich history dating all the way back to 1943, ReSound has been one of the top innovators when it comes to advancements in the hearing aid industry. The company has striven to be the best choice for countless doctors all over the world and distributes to 80 different countries.

What to Expect during Your ReSound Consultation

Our audiologists will conduct a thorough examination of the ear in order to determine what is causing the hearing loss. Every individual is different, and ReSound offers a variety of hearing aid options for any situation. Once the cause of the hearing loss is identified, further testing with various ReSound products will determine which aid is right for the patient.

If you live in New Jersey and have been wondering whether or not you might be a good candidate for a ReSound hearing aid, our audiologists, Karen Herring or Dr. Dave can answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate, you’re just an appointment away to get your health back, contact us at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates. Our practice serves patients throughout the neighboring communities of Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro.

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