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Plastic Surgery in Princeton and Monroe, NJ

Plastic surgery addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns, improving the way patients feel about their look. Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay performs plastic surgeries for patients in the Central New Jersey area, including those throughout Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro, at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery gives patients an option to address the aesthetic issues that have affected the way they feel about their appearance, as well as affected their self-esteem in many cases. Facial plastic surgery can be performed to change facial structures, restore a youthful appearance and more. Most facial plastic procedures are minimally invasive, requiring shortened recovery periods.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can offer a variety of personal benefits for patients. By enhancing troublesome aspects of your look, you can restore confidence in your appearance and improve your self-esteem. Many procedures can erase signs of aging, giving you a younger look. Plastic surgery can also be reconstructive, correcting issues resulting from birth defects or injury.

Before and After Photos of Plastic Surgery

To see actual results Dr. Kay has helped our patients achieve, click here to view before after photos.

What Plastic Surgery Treatments are Available?

There is a variety of plastic surgery treatments offered by Princeton Otolaryngology Associates. Each procedure is designed to target specific areas of the face to improve the shape, reduce aging signs, and enhance your natural look. The procedures we offer include:

Preparing For Plastic Surgery

Many plastic surgery treatments are performed under general anesthesia; if your procedure requires the use of general anesthesia, you’ll receive instructions as to when you’ll need to discontinue eating and drinking beforehand. We’ll also review your medication list and let you know if certain medications must be stopped prior to surgery. If undergoing general anesthesia or eyelid surgery, you’ll need transportation to and from our offices.

Recovery from Plastic Surgery

Recovery periods vary by procedure and patient. Before your procedure, you’ll be informed of what to expect during your recovery so you can plan accordingly for time off and aftercare if necessary. After your procedure, we will go over any special care instructions specific to your surgery.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

The cost of plastic surgery procedures vary, and generally are not covered by medical insurance because they are typically considered elective. We offer CareCredit® financing to help you cover your expenses relating to the procedure. For questions about financing, please call us.

Is Plastic Surgery Right For Me?

If you are concerned about certain aspects of your appearance, plastic surgery can offer a way to improve them. Dr. Kay will discuss with you your concerns as well as your expectations for surgery, and inform you if they can be achieved.

Why Choose Princeton Otolaryngology Associates For Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Scott Kay is an elite facial plastic surgeon, having completed a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at Pittsburgh’s Shadyside Hospital. As a board-certified otolaryngologist, Dr. Kay places great emphasis on preserving and improving function while performing facial plastic surgery. Using cutting edge techniques, we can effectively address your aesthetic concerns to produce favorable results.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Plastic Surgery

During your plastic surgery consultation, the target area will be examined by Dr. Kay. He’ll discuss with you your concerns and expectations for surgery, and let you know if your desired outcome is achievable. Based on the information gathered in your consultation, Dr. Kay will lay out a treatment plan to address your concerns. Measurements and photos may be taken to best prepare for your surgery.

Since 1993, board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay has been treating patients, including those throughout Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro, at his Central New Jersey area practice. Patients choose Dr. Kay for elite medical and surgical care relating to ear, nose, and throat issues. To schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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