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Located in the Central New Jersey area, and serving the communities of Princeton, Monroe, Plainsboro and other nearby cities, Princeton Otolaryngology Associates specializes in audiology. If you live in New Jersey and have a hearing disorder, our audiologists, Karen K. Herring, M.S., FAAA and Dr. Rajool Dave, Au. D, FAAA, will carefully examine your hearing issue, find its cause and determine if a Phonak hearing aid would be the best treatment for you. 

Phonak in Plainsboro, NJ

What makes Phonak the best option in hearing instruments?

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best hearing aid for your needs. Phonak has a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. They understand the needs of their clients and create innovative and highly effective hearing aids to help them live better lives. Phonak believes that a hearing aid should be a way to enhance your hearing, not a crutch.

What distinguishes Phonak from other products?

Phonak is among the most highly rated hearing aid companies in the world, and their products are some of the most widely recommended by doctors. Each device utilizes the best and most advanced hearing technology on the market, providing customers with high-tech products to improve their everyday lives.

What are the Different Kinds of Phonak Hearing Aids?Phonak in Plainsboro, NJ

Phonak produces a broad range of hearing aids to fit your specific needs:

  • Audéo V
  • Lyric
  • Sky Q
  • Bolero Q
  • Naída Q
  • Virto Q
  • Baseo Q
  • Tao Q
  • Audéo Q
  • CROS
  • Audéo S
  • Phonak Ambra
  • Phonak Solana
  • Phonak Cassia
  • Dalia
  • Naída S
  • Nios S H2O

What is the Secret to Phonak’s Success?

Phonak has been developing and manufacturing hearing aids for more than 50 years, and their products have been used in over 100 countries. In 2010, Phonak chose to make sweeping upgrades to their product line by adding an extremely advanced microchip. This new, faster and more intelligent chip, which functions as the brains of the hearing aid, is known as “Spice”. It boasts processing speeds are doubling those of earlier models. Every Phonak hearing aid model that features the Spice technology will possess an “S” in their name; for instance, the Naída S.

In 2012, Phonak once again stood at the helm of innovation by introducing their line of digital hearing aids. This provided customers with a whole new range of appealing options for their hearing needs.

What to Expect during Your Phonak Consultation

Our audiologists will begin by examining your ears to find the cause of your hearing loss. This process also involves recording any symptoms. Once the reason for your hearing loss has been determined, our audiologists will begin running tests and recommend the Phonak hearing aid that is right for you.

If you live in New Jersey and have been wondering whether or not you might be a good candidate for a Phonak hearing aid, our audiologists, Karen Herring or Dr. Dave can answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate, you’re just an appointment away to get your health back, contact us at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates. Our practice serves patients throughout the neighboring communities of Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro.

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