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Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, provides hearing aids for the residents of Montgomery, NJ.

Anyone who struggles with the loss of hearing in one or both ears should familiarize themselves with specific signs that it’s time to undergo a comprehensive hearing test. Most people first notice that they are increasing the volume of the radio or television constantly or discover that lower volumes cause the sound to be too quiet or muddled to hear clearly. In some cases, these individuals also frequently ask others to speak louder, or notice that they have trouble following a conversation involving several people.

If you recognize any of these habits in yourself, it’s important to schedule an appointment for a hearing test with an audiologist. These professionals will ask you for your complete medical history and administer simple tests to determine how extensive your hearing loss is. If they believe you could benefit from treatment, they will recommend a follow-up appointment.

Hearing Aid Selection and Follow-Ups

Choosing the type of hearing aid that will best serve your needs depends strongly on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and personal preferences. People who live active lifestyles tend to benefit from a variety of sizes and styles of hearing aids. Fortunately, nearly any kind of hearing loss can be at least partially improved by a small hearing aid. When selecting a hearing aid, you should also consider its battery life and how much control you have over the device.

After your hearing aid gets to your audiologist’s office, he or she will make sure that it fits properly and will educate you on proper maintenance. They will then schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks later. During this appointment, any significant adjustments can be made. After this, follow-up appointments are scheduled six months apart or any time you have concerns, questions or problems regarding your hearing aid.

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