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Hearing Aids in Hillsborough Township, NJ

Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, provides hearing aids to the residents of Hillsborough Township, NJ.

Patients who suffer from hearing loss in one or both of their ears may experience several types of symptoms. They may often increase volume levels on their desktops, radios or TV sets because lower volumes muddy words and make sentences difficult to understand. They may also ask friends and acquaintances to speak up more often because the words are indistinguishable, or it’s become harder to follow what multiple people are saying in a group. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it’s time to get your hearing tested by a trained professional.

That professional is called an audiologist. They are the ones that diagnose hearing issues and determine a resolution. They start by taking down the patient’s medical history, which may be helpful in finding precursors to the current condition. They then run several tests to determine the seriousness of the hearing loss. If they can decisively detect a medical issue, they then schedule a follow-up appointment.

Selecting Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aid for a patient is determined by the severity of the hearing loss, patient lifestyle, and personal preferences. For example, patients who are active may want a device that is small, stays in easily and has a longer battery life. Those with a more sedentary lifestyle may be satisfied with larger hearing aids that are easier to control but may use up power more quickly. Regardless of your needs, a hearing aid exists for almost any type of hearing loss.

When the ordered hearing aid finally arrives, the audiologist ensures that it fits properly. They are also responsible for instructing the patient on how best to use and maintain the device. They typically schedule a follow-up appointment two weeks after the initial appointment. This is to take care of minor adjustments. After that, appointments are typically scheduled every six months. Patients may come in more often if they have issues or concerns.

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