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Chronic Headaches in Princeton and Monroe, NJ

Repeated or chronic headaches often indicate a more serious problem in the ears, nose or throat. As a board certified otolaryngologist, Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, of the Central New Jersey area, including Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro, has the experience needed to diagnose and manage chronic headaches so they no longer interfere with everyday life.

What are Chronic Headaches?

Chronic headaches are those that happen more than 15 days per month for at least three consecutive months. There are several different types of chronic headache, which include:

  • Chronic migraine, characterized by moderate to severe pain that may include pulsing or throbbing. Migraine sufferers may be sensitive to light and sound, and experience nausea or vomiting. These might have triggers such as certain foods or sinusitis.
  • Chronic tension-type headache, which involve a feeling of intense pressure or tightening. They may be accompanied by light and/or noise sensitivity and mild nausea.
  • New daily persistent headaches become constant within a short period. They result in pain on both sides of your head that appears to be caused by intense pressure.
  • Hemicrania continua are daily, continuous headaches that result in constant pain that ranges in intensity from moderate to severe. They are often accompanied by tearing or redness in one eye, nasal congestion and constricted pupils.

What Causes Chronic Headaches?

A thorough examination and/or medical testing is typically required to determine the cause of chronic headaches. A few of the most common causes include:

  • Head injury
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Glaucoma
  • Tumors in the head or neck
  • Nerve irritation
  • Jaw joint abnormalities
  • Sinus infections or structural abnormalities
  • Inflammation of the blood vessel
  • Sleep apnea

Benefits of Chronic Headache Treatment

Chronic headaches can interfere with daily life, making concentrating or performing even simple activities difficult. They may also indicate a more serious health problem that in some cases can be life-threatening. By undergoing treatment, you can rule out the possibility of serious complications and begin managing your discomfort.

How are Chronic Headaches Treated?

The first step is to identify the type of headache you are suffering from, as this will allow Dr. Kay to better determine the root cause of it.

Preparing For Chronic Headache Treatment

Prior to your appointment, Pay close attention to possible triggers to your headaches, like food or even the weather.  Think about what makes the headache better and what makes it worse. Keep a journal of your headaches, detailing information such as:

  • Where and when headaches start
  • Symptoms of each headache
  • What methods of relief are used and their effectiveness
  • A list of potential triggers

Chronic headaches are sometimes the result of an injury. If you believe this is the case, write down as much information about your injury as possible so that Dr. Kay can review it.

Chronic Headache Treatment Recovery

Just as there are many causes of chronic headaches, there are also numerous treatment options. These options range from medication to surgery. After coming up with a treatment plan, you will be advised what steps you need to take during the recovery process.

How Much Does Chronic Headache Treatment Cost?

Again, this will depend on the reason why you are experiencing headaches. Your cost along with insurance benefits and alternative payment options will be discussed during your consultation. We accept cash, major credit cards, personal checks, and CareCredit® financing.

Is Chronic Headache Treatment Right for Me?

If you suffer from headaches 15 or more days per month, failing to seek treatment could be disastrous. Do not risk serious health complications or even death by delaying medical treatment.

Why Choose Princeton Otolaryngology Associates for Chronic Headache Treatment?

As a board certified otolaryngologist with more than 20 years  in practice, Dr. Scott Kay has also trained under some of the pioneers in the industry during his residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. His knowledge and experience ensure you the best possible outcome for your chronic headache treatment.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Chronic Headaches

Dr. Kay will gather as much information as possible about your headaches to determine their cause. He may also collect information about your health history and current medications to help facilitate this process. After reviewing your information, he may recommend certain tests be performed.

If chronic headaches are affecting your life, there could be serious consequences to putting off treatment. Take action now by contacting Dr. Scott Kay of Princeton Otolaryngology Associates in the Central New Jersey area. We see patients throughout the Central New Jersey area, including the communities of Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro.

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