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Brow and Forehead Lifts in Princeton and Monroe, NJ

Wrinkles and sagging skin in the brow and forehead area can age you, adding unwanted years to your appearance. Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay performs brow and forehead lifts for patients, including those throughout Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro, in the Central New Jersey area at Princeton Otolaryngology Associates.

What Are Brow and Forehead Lifts?

Brow and forehead lifts are performed to tighten the skin above the eyes and across the forehead. By tightening the skin in these areas, wrinkles and lines are eliminated, offering the patient a rejuvenated and younger look.

Benefits of Brow and Forehead Lifts

For patients undergoing a brow or forehead lift, the primary benefit is to eliminate sagging skin, wrinkles and lines to create a younger appearance. Additional benefits include:

  • Less invasive than a full facelift and quicker recovery time
  • There are more options for incision sites, helping hide minimal scarring
  • Can fix naturally occurring problem spots, such as sagging eyebrows

How are Brow and Forehead Lifts Performed?

Brow and forehead lifts are usually performed under general anesthesia to reduce movement. Depending on what Dr. Kay has identified as the best method for your procedure, an endoscopic or coronal incision is then made.

  • If using an endoscopic incision, a small incision is made near the hairline, and an endoscope is placed under the skin. The endoscope is used to smooth wrinkles and reposition facial tissues and fat in the forehead area to achieve the desired results.
  • If using a coronal incision, multiple incisions are made spanning from the tops of the ears across the top of the head. The skin is pulled up and smoothed, and excess skin is removed; this method is similar to a facelift.

Preparing For Brow and Forehead Lifts

You will receive instruction regarding when you will need to stop eating or drinking due to the general anesthesia you’ll receive during the procedure. Dr. Kay will review your medication list and advise you if you must discontinue use of any before the procedure, as well as discuss instruction for using over-the-counter medications before surgery. It is advised that patients quit smoking before surgery.

Brow and Forehead Lift Recovery

As you recover from a brow or forehead lift, you should keep your head elevated and refrain from heavy physical activity for a prescribed amount of time. Ice or heat should not be used on the surgical site. Most patients are ready to resume normal daily activity after two weeks.

How Much Do Brow and Forehead Lifts Cost?

Brow and forehead lifts are considered an elective surgery, which means your insurance likely will not cover the procedure. We accept CareCredit® to help cover the financial costs of your brow or forehead lift. If you have questions about your insurance coverage or financing, please contact us.

Is a Brow or Forehead Lift Right For Me?

If you are bothered by fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, or sagging eyebrows, you are likely a good candidate for this procedure. Patients need to be in good health to be good candidates for this surgery.

Why Choose Princeton Otolaryngology Associates For Brow and Forehead Lifts?

Dr. Scott Kay has spent decades dedicated to helping his patients put their best faces forward. He completed a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he sharpened his surgical skills and learned advanced techniques used to produce the most desirable results. For such an important facial procedure, choose a physician with a record of achieving successful outcomes.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for Brow and Forehead Lifts

During your consultation for a brow and forehead lift, a full medical history will be taken to assess whether or not you are healthy enough for surgery. Dr. Kay will discuss with you your goals for the procedure and determine if they can be achieved by this specific surgery. He will also measure facial element and take photos to assist in planning your treatment.

Since 1993, board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay has been treating patients, including those throughout Princeton, Monroe and Plainsboro, at his Central New Jersey area practice. Patients choose Dr. Kay for elite medical and surgical care relating to ear, nose, and throat issues. To schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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