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Botox ® in Montgomery, NJ

Board-certified New Jersey otolaryngologist Dr. Scott Kay, FACS, offers Botox® injections to the residents of Montgomery, NJ.

What is Botox®?

As an injectable anti-aging treatment, Botox® has become very popular. It is recommended for minimizing the wrinkles and lines caused by the movement and contraction of facial muscles over the years. Botox® injections rely on a formula that involves botulism toxin, which paralyzes the face and its muscles temporarily. When the muscles relax, the lines and wrinkles also disappear. Over an extended period of time, some Botox® patients begin to use the line-causing muscles less, so the original wrinkles disappear more effectively. Most patients, however, require ongoing treatments to achieve the best results.

Benefits of Botox®

Botox® offers several benefits because it’s an injectable treatment for wrinkles and lines:

  • Minimally invasive method for treating fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Treatment takes no more than an hour.
  • Downtime for recovery is not needed.
  • Particularly effective for wrinkles and lines on the forehead, near the mouth or between the eyes.

How is Botox® Administered?

Botox ®treatments require a very fine gauge needle that is typically smaller than the needles used in typical immunizations. Because of its size, most patients feel nothing during the actual injection. Those who do feel discomfort can be treated with a topical anesthesia to eliminate any sensation. Dr. Kay takes only 30 minutes to an hour to inject Botox® into the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles and lines.

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