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Best Treatment for Swimmer’s Ear or Ear Pain in Monroe, NJ

Ear pain can be one of the most difficult sensations to deal with. While other aches and pains in the body may be tolerable, aches and pains in the ear are generally not as simple to handle. One of the most common ear concerns is the swimmer’s ear. As the name implies, this ear infection is often caused by extended periods of time in the water. Having the ears underwater creates an environment in the outer ear canal that is well-suited for growing bacteria and fungi that can cause pain. If you are seeking the best treatment for swimmer’s ear and are ready to learn more, here is what you should know:

Treatment is Straightforward

Although the ear may seem confusing and complex to treat, under the guidance of Dr. Kay, swimmer’s ear can be simply and effectively addressed. In many cases, you may be prescribed ear drops, and or antibiotics along with the recommendation to keep the ear dry while the infection is being treated. This level of simplicity makes it easy for individuals of all ages to receive the care they need to address their swimmer’s ear concerns. Of course, the best way to determine what kind of treatment will work for you is to schedule a consultation.

Eliminate Swimmer’s Ear, Today

Especially if you spend the majority of your time in the water, it can be frustrating to develop swimmer’s ear or any other ear pain that prevents you from doing what you love. However, our team has the skill and experience to quickly and effectively treat your concerns, so you can get back to living your life. If you believe you may have swimmer’s ear and are seeking quality medical advice you can trust, you have come to the right place. Simply contact us today to get started.


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