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Audiology in Montgomery, NJ

Located in Plainsboro, Princeton Otolaryngology Associates is proud to offer audiology services for residents of Montgomery, NJ. Those with balance, hearing, or other ear problems, are invited to set up an appointment with audiologists Dr. Rajool Dave, Au. D, CCC-A and Karen K. Herring, M.S. CCC-A. These renowned audiologists are available to diagnose your hearing issue and recommend an effective course of treatment.

It is important to set up an appointment as early as possible when you first begin noticing problems with your hearing or balance. This is because the best outcomes occur when medical problems are addressed before they progress any further.

What Is Audiology?

The field of audiology is simply the medical science of hearing. Medically, it involves the identification, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of balance and hearing problems. These tasks are performed using a wide range of procedures, including balance and hearing testing, electrophysiological testing, central processing testing, aural rehabilitation, and balance therapy.

The placement of hearing aids is also a function of audiology.

Who Are Audiologists?

Audiologists are medical professionals involved in the evaluation and diagnosis of hearing disorders and hearing health. They possess degrees in their field that they earned through an accredited organization. Additionally, they may possess certifications and be involved with continuing education to ensure that they are familiar with recent innovations in the field of audiology.

Audiologists can perform in both private practice and hospital settings and treat people of all age groups.

When Should I Make An Appointment With An Audiologist?

If you are experiencing problems with your balance or hearing, you should consider setting up an appointment. Your treatment may involve aural rehabilitation, the fitting of hearing aids, or balance therapy.

Audiologists can also provide preventative care such as hearing tests.

Why Should I Select Princeton Otolaryngology Associates?

Princeton Otolaryngology Associates has two renowned audiologists, Dr. Dave and Karen Herring, who are experts in their field. Through complete hearing tests, they can offer you the most effective solutions currently available to treat your condition.

The staff is patient and friendly, and you will find the facility to be very comfortable because it was specifically designed to be optimized with your comfort in mind.

Your Consultation

At your first appointment, you will undergo a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing. This evaluation may include a thorough examination by our medical staff, as well as any symptoms you report.

Once your issue is diagnosed, further treatment and testing may be needed.

You may also use your first appointment to discuss payment options. A number of insurance plans are accepted, and financing through CareCredit® is also available.

If you are a resident of Montgomery, NJ, who wonders if you might benefit from balance or hearing treatment, please set up an initial appointment with Dr. Dave or Karen Herring right away to have all of your questions answered.

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